It has been decades and yet, undiscovered signs of the British rule in India are discovered – one such is the discovery of two huge 22-tonne British era cannons that were found in the premises of the Raj Bhavan on Sunday.

While carrying out a tree plantation drive at the Raj Bhavan, the staff spotted two identical 22-tonne British-era cannons that were in a decrepit condition and buried in mud for decades. Each cannon is 4.7 metre long and has a diameter of 1.15 metre and was unburied with the assistance of Indian Navy after checking the technical details of the cannons. The cannons were mudded for decades, lifted off using crane and since both the cannons were in decrepit condition so they are currently being sent for restoration.

Since the cannons are so historically significant, Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao has ordered restoration and preservation of both the cannons. It is also likely that after restoration, these cannons might be placed in front of Jal Vihar, the banquet hall of the Raj Bhavan complex. This is second historic findings, a 13-room and 15,000 sqft-long British era bunker was found hidden under the lawns of Raj Bhavan in 2016. The huge bunker is being restored by an architecture firm and will be converted into an underground museum – after which, it will be open for all as a public museum.