Forbes has announced the list of 60 richest self-made women for this year, and the prestigious list includes two Indian-origin faces – Jayshree Ullal and Neerja Sethi for their successful entrepreneurship ventures and exclusive net-worth, making them one among other billionaire women.

Forbes has rolled out the list of 60 richest self-made women of the United States, and the American women have shattered the ceilings and scaled new heights, creating companies and building fortunes in everything from genetic testing to aerospace. While the list includes interesting entrees like Kylie Jenner, the youngest star of the Kardashian-Jenner family, being listed as she earned a fortune of 900 million USD, in less than three years; thanks to her social media strategy and the mass that she gets to follow her. Kylie is not the only Jenner-Kardashian, her elder sister is also on the list for the first time.

About the two Indian ladies, Jayshree Ullal the London born lady, aged 57, is president and CEO of Arista Networks, since 10 years and owns about five per cent of Arista’s stock. She joined Arista when it had no revenues and fewer than 50 employees and today, she is among the 60 richest self-made women in the US and was placed at No.1,756 on Forbes’ list of billionaires in 2018. Whereas Neerja Sethi, aged 63 is the vice president of IT consulting and outsourcing company Syntel. She and her husband Bharat Desai founded this company, back in 1980 in their own apartment in Michigan.  The company has made USD 924 million in 2017, and today, it has about 23,000 employees, majority of them being in India.

Diane Hendricks, the owner of ABC supply, has been placed at rank one, while Eren Ozmen, the majority owner of Sierra Nevada Corp, an ambitious aerospace company, is also in the list. One thing that attracts the attention is the presence of Californians in the list, a total 27 of them being there. Names of TV and reality celebrities including Oprah and Taylor are added to the list, while some of the ladies are in other financial and technical fields. The Indian women have are included in the list along with personalities like Oprah, Nora, Taylor and other powerful women across the world, in the Forbes list. The richest new comer lady on the list is Anastasia Soare, who owns the cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills.