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Two unborn babies get their spine repaired in UK

Medical science has moved so forward that things that seemed impossible before several years ago, now seems to be normal, such is the story of two unborn babies detected with spina bifida. Doctors in the UK successfully repaired the spines of both babies while they were still in the womb - the first-of-its-kind surgery in the UK.

A team of London University's College Hospital has successfully performed the spina bifida surgery, even before the babies took their very first breaths. In spina bifida, the problem is that there will be an incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord of the baby. In general era, this operation is done after the babies are born. But, thanks to the team at London University's College Hospital, that this surgery was completed even before the babies were born.

According to the research, repairing of the spine of the baby at earlier stage can stop the loss of spinal fluid. And lesser the spinal fluid loss, more good long-term health, and mobility. The surgery was carried out by a team of 30 members which was coordinated by Professor Anne David of University College London. Professor Anne's team, that the mother of the two babies didn't have to travel abroad for this surgery and it was successfully conducted in the UK.

Spina Bifida is the condition that is developed during the pregnancy, and that doesn't let the bones form properly, creating a gap, and that gap leaves the spinal cord unprotected. It results in the loss of spinal fluid and that leads to putting brain development at risk. According to a report, in the UK over 200 children are born with spinal bifida. But, with this surgery, the disease can be efficiently cured even before the babies are born, making it extremely safe and promising a healthy birth.

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