Under the UAE Iceberg Project, the desert nation is all set up to kick start the towing of icebergs from Antarctica to meet its drinking water needs from the second half of 2019.

While a lot of cities around the world have dried taps and hundreds other are on verge of facing the ‘zero-water’ situation, the desert nation United Arab Emirates has found a unique source of water that will avoid facing water scarcity. After early speculations, the UAE’s plans to tow Antarctic icebergs is sealed official with the launch of an official website on United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Iceberg Project by a local firm. The website displays the mega-plan and highlights the benefits to environment and economy by towing icebergs from the northern most tip of world.

The National Advisor Bureau Limited of UAE has come up with $50-60 million worth mega-plan of towing icebergs towards the country’s coasts during the first quarter of 2020; which will “leverage them as new sources of water in the region”. Perhaps, before launching the mega plan, UAE will be kick off the pilot phase of iceberg towing project in the second half of 2019. In the pilot phase, the Arabs will tow icebergs from the Antarctic towards the coast of Perth in Australia, or the coast of Cape Town in South Africa as a trial before dragging to all the way to the gulf coast.

Meanwhile the organisation responsible for carrying out this never-before project will develop a unique technology which would reduce the cost of towing icebergs, will ensure zero melting of ice during transportation and will ensure that water is transferred customers at affordable rates. Besides being able to provide clean drinking water to Emiratis, UAE is also exploring the idea that icebergs might sideline to boost its already budging tourism sector. For who would not want to experience being on glaciers of Antarctica, while smashing the golden sand dunes riding Hummer in arid Arabian Desert at the same time.