With intent of making more people join its platform, global online cab service Uber on Tuesday launched its new app with the name “Uber Lite” which happens to be a lighter version of the main rider app built and designed in India.

Started in 2009, Uber Technologies Inc. is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 633 cities worldwide. At present, “Uber Lite” is designed in India taking into consideration its customer base across India. Its services will be made available first for Android users in Jaipur, Hyderabad and Delhi and then will roll out across the country this summer prior to its launch in other countries.

According to the information by the company, “Uber Lite” is less than 5MB to download and has a 300-millisecond response time even in low-connectivity areas and works on 99 per cent of Android devices. Thus, it can be said that with the upgraded features and functionalities, now this new app saves space, works even in low-network areas and on all basic Android phones. “We have over 75 million monthly active riders, which is a tiny fraction of the world’s population. With such a huge growth opportunity outside of the US, we are committed to building for the next hundreds of millions of riders,” said Manik Gupta, Vice President Product, VP and Head of Product, Uber.

Briefing the main features of the app, it retains the core functionality of the rider app, has in-app support and includes critical safety features, such as an emergency button and the ability to share your trip with friends and family. “Uber Lite” guides users through the request experience by detecting their current location. In case, the app is unable to detect your location because of GPS or network issues, it guides you to choose popular landmarks nearby. Moreover, the app stores the city’s top places so that even when a user is offline, no network is needed for them to appear. “To keep the app light and fast, maps in Uber Lite are not loaded by default, but are available with a tap when you need them,” said the company. Having all said, the new app is bound to provide with a better and more useful browsing experience to its Indian user base.