Mimicking the concept of the successful “Passport Seva Kendras”, the central Aadhaar authority UIDAI is planning to spend Rs 3 to 4 billion to set up Aadhaar Seva Kendra that will function as help centres dedicated to Aadhaar related help in 53 cities all over India.

After the Supreme Court upheld the constitutional validity of biometric Aadhaar card to avail government services, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is now planning to set up help centres called “Aadhaar Seva Kendra” across the nation. UIDAI has already submitted a proposal of covering 53 cities with dedicated help centres that will be owned by UIDAI and will cost an estimated Rs 3-4 billion. The core functioning of the seva kendras will be to “facilitate enrolment, updating and other services” for Aadhaar to lakhs of people.

This billions worth mega plan is aimed to facilitate people with all Aadhaar related services easily accessible, as the Centre says that as many as 4 lakh people update their Aadhaar details 1 lakh new enrolments each day. So to meet the huge rush, the UIDAI will introduce the grander version of existing Aadhaar centres – and the new ones will have 8 to 16 stations depending on population of that city to deal with service requests and queries. Each metro city will have four such centres to give maximum coverage to the entire city; whereas other cities will have two centres each.

Also, the kendras will allow pre-booking of appointments for enrolment and updating to avoid long queues and waiting times. The setting-up process of Aadhaar Seva Kendra will start soon and they are expected to be operational by April 2019. Also, besides these dedicated centres in 53 cities, UIDAI will continue operating the 30,000 centres that are actively run by banks and post offices, and in government premises (offering similar Aadhaar services). So the Aadhaar era hasn’t ended yet, rather, it has just started.