The United Nations has urged Israel to stop excessive use of military force at the Israel-Gaza border and de-escalate the operations against unarmed Palestinian protestors from Gaza.

Thousands of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators are protesting at the Israel-Palestine border for freeing Gaza from Israeli hold under the 45-day-long Great Return March. The protest was initiated by Palestinians commemorating the killing of six Palestinians inside Israel who had been protesting land confiscations on March 30, 1976. The Great Return March which started on March 30, 2018 ends on May 15, 2018 commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the mass displacement of Palestinians which took place in 1948. The march was joined by thousands of civilians from Gaza, intending peaceful protests calling for millions of Palestinians to be allowed to return to their historic homes, which are now inside Israel.

In a bid to stop the Palestinian demonstrators, the Israeli security forces took a plunge and used violent forces. As per the statement given by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, 42 Palestinians had been killed and more than 5,500 wounded along the fence in Gaza within past four weeks since March 30; whereas there has been zero Israeli casualties. Every week, lethal forces are used to attack the unarmed Palestinians at Gaza border, killing the demonstrators as well as journalists and photographers at the fence.

As per reports,  Israeli forces has been making non-staggered of snipers, artilleries or air strikes on protestors – including children and women at Gaza border since a month. The United Nations on Friday, condemned the killing of Palestinian protestors at Gaza border and expressed that Israel has used lethal forces excessively. The United Nations also directed Israel to stop the excessive usage of security forces along the Gaza border and also asked Israel to hold the responsibility for the deaths and injuries caused to Palestinians in past one month.