Cryptocurrency mining may be seen as a negative thing that is generally done by hijacking people’s CPU powers without permission – however, UNICEF has a revolutionary prospect for crypto-mining. Using visitors’ computers’ CPU power, UNICEF mines cryptocurrencies through Monero (with user’s permission of course) and use it as donation for the devastated children in Bangladesh.

The world has become an extremely imbalanced place. On one hand, miners and investors of the trendy new cryptocurrency are making millions in just few hours; while on the other hand, people in war-torn countries like Syria and Bangladesh are homeless, have no food-water-or-anything and hold no citizenship of any country. UNICEF Australia came up with an idea that can help by liquidating some money from the modern cryptocurrency and draw it towards those in extreme needs as donations. This humanitarian program initiated by UNICEF uses crypto-mining to raise funds to help the 4,00,000 Rohingya children stranded in Bangladesh.

The organisation uses Coinhive, which is a cryptocurrency mining service that extracts cryptocurrencies like Monero from exchanges using the website’s visitors’ computer resources. This might be Coinhive’s first ever good-willed humanitarian purpose and who would have imagined that these wonders of the internet could someday be used to help people in need. The best part about this donation program is that all one needs to do is open the UNICEF page web browser and letting it mine cryptocurrency called Monero by using some of your computer resources. Opening a web browser is all anyone needs to do to help get safe drinking water, food, and shelter to those who need it – and are living hundreds of miles away.

Here’s how it works – if you want to donate to the Rohingya children in Bangladesh, you open UNICEF’s The Hope Page and click on “Start donating” button. A slider control window will appear with a number above it – this adjusts how much of your CPUs power will be dedicated to mining. Set whatever number you want to and are comfortable with, hit “Donate” button and that’s it.  For example, I have set 40% CPU usage and it can be changed from the top right corner whenever you need to. You need to leave the page open and undisturbed to generate funds – and you can see how much have your resources mined on the top right corner of the same page.

While generating a single Monero which costs $241 might take thousands of donators mining whole day – which is not much but it still has a long way to go. And also, what is this donation gonna cost you? Some pennies worth of electricity and the fact that you might be able to open fewer tabs before your computer starts to drag? Well, you already have too many tabs open that you don’t need anyway. Also, you can just leave your computer on all night – just like you leave it on to download movies and TV series in 4K video quality – giving a hand this way is the least one can do for a good cause.