The American student, Otto Warmbier who was detained by North Korea on his visit to country in 2016 passed away on Monday after severe brain injuries. University of Virginia community gathered to honour Otto and his hometown is preparing for his final farewell.

Otto Warmbier, American college student who only intended to spend five days sightseeing in North Korea in January 2016 was detained by the conservative country for allegedly taking down a propaganda poster from the North Korean hotel he stayed in. Warmbier spent 17 months in North Korea in detention but was sent to the United States because of medical conditions in a state of coma and severe brain damage. Unfortunately, the 22-year-old died Monday afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his family at his side.

Remembering and honouring Otto Warmbier, student of University of Virginia, member of the university’s community came together on Tuesday for a candlelight vigil. Students, faculty members, staff and community members solemnly filed into the McIntire Amphitheater on the beautiful summer evening. And although it is not easy for his family, friends and mates to imagine spending future without the warm, engaging, brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds; they chose to focus on the time they spent with him and celebrate his life rather than mourning over his dreadful end.

Otto Warmbier's funeral

Oak Hill Cemetery in preparation for Otto Warmbier’s funeral (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

Warmbier’s Ohio hometown is also preparing for final farewell to the lively 22-year-old young man. A service for Otto will be held in the Wyoming High School auditorium will be open to the public on Thursday. Otto Warmbier passed away, but he will always be remembered by his family and friends who are celebrating his life and preparing for the final goodbye.