On Thursday, US President Donald Trump called off the long-awaited US-North Korea Summit that was to be held on June 12 at Singapore; however, just a day after calling it off, Trump swung back with dangling possibility of holding meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un on the same date.

The world had been long anticipating the ‘denuclearisation’ summit between leaders of the United State and North Korea – because two rogue nations with nuked arms on their hand, ready to meddle anytime were willing to conduct ‘peace talks’. However, suddenly on Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump called off his June 12 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which was to take place in Singapore. The reason – “tremendous anger and open hostility displayed” in North Korea’s most recent statements made Trump think that maybe this isn’t proper time to meet up and talk about peace. And the controversial statement was DRPK’s take on vice-president Mike Pence to be a ”political dummy.”

But, playing hot and cold for the summit from both sides, Trump said on Friday that North Korea actually made a conciliatory statement expressing a willingness to re-enter discussions ”at any time, at any format,” after the US President announced shelving of the summit. The savagery statement that supposedly DPRK rolled out desperately, seems to have please the POTUS; so when asked by reporters outside the White House on Friday if the meeting is still on, he said, “It was a very nice statement they put out. We’ll see what happens. It could even be the twelfth.”

So is the summit on again? Nobody knows, I guess even Trump or Kim themselves have no clue about it, considering the fact that Trump is practicing diplomacy-on-the-fly tactics with equally temperamental Mr Kim of North Korea. Trump had even expressed earlier about how he is okay whether or not the summit happens, as he leaves it to North Korea to “play the ball” (haha!); I would rather call it a card – after all, it indeed is the world class poker play.