One of 60 children have autism spectrum disorder called ASD and attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder -ADHD, and it is no apparent cure, but scientists have concluded that certain video game based therapies can actually help in curing autism.

Most of us might have heard the word ‘autism’, but not everyone is much familiar with what kind of disorder it is and what syndromes does it bring to a person. Autism is basically a brain and neural cell related disorders that challenges the patient with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Autism is usually detected among children of the age of 18 months and around 50% of the children diagnosed with ASD also have ADHD but only 30% of them are diagnosed.

Also, this is a scientifically proven fact that the drugs or medicines used in ADHD are pretty much less effective when it comes to a patient having both ASD and ADHD, which makes it compulsory to invent newer treatments for children having both disorders simultaneously.  We often take our abilities for granted but those who have ADHD know very well that how badly it affects the cognitive functioning of a human. As the name suggests, ‘attention deficit’, it becomes really difficult for an individual to maintain focus on one particular thing while ignoring distractions. This stands in the way of younger children for whom even primary learning becomes difficult and they lag behind in mental development.

And so, a jew video game-based ‘digital medicine’ tool is in making, that can help reduce symptoms in children with these disorders. Therefore an EVO treatment was tested upon certain number of children to draw the results about how effective the treatment is. The treatment is delivered through an action video game or any pattern recognition activity. Studies found that the children that complied to the treatment showed improvement in cognitive functioning. The sample size for this study was small but as it has shown promising signs, the same tests will be carried out at a larger scale.