Last week, Johnny Depp paid an unexpectedly alluring visit to fans at Disneyland showing up as Captain Jack Sparrow during the iconic Pirates of Caribbean ride. And the official Disneyland video where Johnny entertains the tourists looks all magical just like the whole idea of Disneyland.

The movie ‘Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is around three weeks away from hitting the big screen on 26 May and Johnny Depp is in full-fledged promotion of the movie. And which can be a better place than Disneyland to pin-point-target a huge and obvious crowd of Disney fans.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean ride” attraction, like many at Disneyland, features life-like animatronics throughout the ride. Johnny put on his “Captain Jack” attire and stood motionless in one of the settings of the ride until the boats came close to his location. When he began to move some guests were startled at first. But, when he began conversing with them as Captain Jack, that initial apprehension was replaced with excitement that they were talking with the real Captain Jack Sparrow in person!

The official video from Disney which shows some of the behind-the-scenes preparations for Johnny Depp’s big surprise. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a new IMAX poster, TV trailer and photos of the new Funko Pop toys featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Salazar and Will Turner. Here is the TV trailer of the movie which was released by Disney on Twitter this Monday i.e. 1 May, 2017.

And just in case if you missed to watch the latest Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer, then first, where were you really? But wherever you were, here is the official trailer and it is really a must watch, at least until May 26.