Mumbai: Actor Vivek Oberoi is known for his charitable demonstrations and this time, he gifted a house to acid assault survivor Lalita Benbansi as her wedding blessing. Her wedding with her suitor Rahul is no not as much as a Bollywood story. It occurred with a wrong number when the last dialled the previous’ number unintentionally.

Lalita who was assaulted by her cousins with acid in 2012 misunderstood a number by Rahul Kumar who acts as a CCTV administrator in Mumbai. The pair discovered love in each other and two months after the wrong number, they got married.

Lalita experienced 17 surgeries. Her treatment will now continue after her wedding.

“Lalita is a true hero because she has given a new hope to thousands of acid attack survivors to live their life like a normal human being,” Vivek said while talking about the victim.

27-year-old Rahul works as a CCTV operator in Malad. “I am feeling very happy. I had never thought that I would ever get married. He, even after knowing the truth, still remained on his decision to marry me,” said a for his better-half Lalita.

““It had always been my dream to do something different. I knew I would do something good. My mother supported me and my entire family. Didn’t know a wrong number would change my life entirely,” he added further.

Saahas Foundation, an NGO regulating Lalita’s recovery is energised, many numbers of celebrities from the Bollywood approached to help the casualty.

Actor Vivek Oberoi has gifted her a flat in Thane. Designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla arranged Lalita’s clothing and exhibited her a wedding jewellery.

“I wish they stay happy together. He (Rahul) loves her truly. He was telling me that their love story is filmy. It was a wrong number and then they became friends. Now they are starting a new life. Lalita is a strong girl. I met Lalita when we had an awareness programme held by Sahas foundation,” said Vivek.

The Bollywood actor wished them a decent life ahead, thus do we.