India’s second largest telecom service provider, Vodafone has announced that they will start rolling out VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) service from next month in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, and Kolkata circles for first phase and will then be expanded to cover the entire country.

Vodafone India is getting a step closer to future-ready by introducing futuristic technology enhancing their networks and hence providing better service to millions of customers. On Tuesday, Vodafone India Managing Director and CEO Sunil Sood said, “Vodafone is getting future-ready with the advent of newer technologies and digital services. Vodafone VoLTE is an important step towards introducing futuristic technology enhancing our data strong network.” As per the plan, Vodafone VoLTE will be launched in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, and Kolkata from January 2018 as first phase; and then will be extended to entire country within short time.

The introduction of VoLTE will enhance customer experience with HD quality calling and will help in developing a stronger data network. Adapting to VoLTE technology is necessary because the current networks LTE technology – which is a data-only networking technology. So in LTE networks, the voice calls are turned into data packets, better known as IP packets and hence uses these packets for all kinds of communication – be it data or voice. Which means it eats up a significant amount of bandwidth. Whereas VoLTE allows voice packets to ride on any data network – which means faster, better voice calls and even video chat tied to your cell phone service and number. And a great bonus for all customers: no more voice-call minute counting and charging.

The voice calling quality on Vodafone VoLTE is surely getting crystal clear, but since data networks will get more efficient use of bandwidth – operators will be benefited with HD video chat and even faster internet speeds. Upon launch of Vodafone VoLTE, there will be no need of extra setups or adaptions and all you’ll need is a handset supporting VoLTE services and a Vodafone 4G SIM. And don’t worry, Vodafone has already clarified that their 4G customers will experience VoLTE at no additional charges. With this, Vodafone will become the third company in India to launch VoLTE, after Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio.