The life on a Navy officer is filled with adventures and challenges, just like any other armed forces and it’s not easy. But the job has its own perks and perquisites, especially if you are a submarine officer, deployed for deep sea missions – that’d be an unmatched thrill and a nowhere else experience.

Armed forces jobs come with respect, dignity and pride by default – be it the Army, the Air Force or the Navy, but if we are talking about some of the strangest yet sophisticated posts – it would be the Air Force flying officers and the Naval submarine officers. The Submarine Arm of Indian Navy is considered as most esteemed unit of Indian Navy because a submarine is the most sophisticated state of art machinery which works underwater in deep sea! How cool is that! So controlling a submarine would certainly need immense capabilities to control the enormous firepower. Interested in joining the submarine arm, now?

Here’s how to join. There are quite some choices, so one can join as:

  • Submarine officer: One can join Indian Navy under executive officer and then choose Submarine Arm as sub-category. This isn’t easy, one has to go through rigorous training, after which you will be inducted to the Arm and will be awarded a Dolphin Badge – which is super-duper cool.
  • Submarine engineer officer: Look after the sophisticated engineering mechanisms of the submarine – like overhauling of propulsion, working of its machineries and all the techie stuff.

You can apply for both, if you are – Mechanical/ Marine/ Automotive/ Industrial and Production/ Mectronics/ Metallurgy/ Aeronautic/ Marine/ Aerospace/ Instrumentation or Automobile engineer.

  • Submarine electrical officer: Maintaining the high-end batteries which power the propulsion and entire submarine would be the job description. Electric lines are blood-veins of any submarine.

Electric/ Electronics/ Control/ Telecommunication/ Instrumentation/ Power/ EC/ Control System engineers can apply for this post.

These are the three posts of Submarine Arm, and candidates must possess 55% marks in BE/B.Tech Degree in any one of these respective streams. Go for it, there are many other options too – go check the Indian Navy website.