Bored of the mainstream hotel views and tourist spots? Want to experience something new and unique with a breath-taking view? Here’s a list of unique hotels that are actually made inside caves to give you absolutely breath-taking otherworldly experience.

When the four-walled rooms, a large bed and a mini-fridge get boring, it’s probably high time to try out something new. Look up for a stay in real life caves which no walls and probably feeling of some other world. These cave rooms are unique, in fact each cave hotel will be different from the other and that is the actual beauty of cave hotels. Some are modern and luxuriously furnished while some are left with a more natural rustic touch.

The perks of staying in cave rooms are unusual and amazing with no humidity, no noise, no crowd, just utter peace and serenity and constantly cool atmosphere. For all the adrenaline seekers, Sala Silvermine in Sweden is the deepest hotel room in the world situated at 500 feet below the surface of Earth! That crazy deep!

Here are the coolest cave hotels for you to check out on you next vacation.

Cappadocian Cave Hotels, Turkey

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The “fairy chimney” rock formations in Cappadocia are attracting huge numbers of tourists and you could be one of them. If you wonder how you could savour each moment and have a memorable stay in Cappadocia, why don’t you book a room in one of its amazing chimneys? Yes, it’s possible! Check out Cappadocia Cave Suites, choose a room that fits your personal style, and ta-da.

The Uchisar Cave Pansion offers hiking, horseback riding, hot air balloon tours as well as bike tours. Other popular choices are Kısmet Cave House in Göreme, known for its colorful rooms, Serinn House, a small cave inn.

Some of the guest rooms at various hotels even have a Jacuzzi. The rate for these rooms starts at about $100 per night.

Desert Cave Hotel, Austria

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Looking for something spacious and secluded? The suites at Desert Cave have room to romp with high ceilings but also feature a quiet, cool, dark yet surprisingly airy feel. Go on a personalized property tour to explore the surrounding rugged outback.

Drive over to Lake Eyre, the lowest natural point in Australia at approximately 50 feet below sea level. Underground rooms start at about $160 per night.

Corte San Pierto, Italy

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The newly opened Corte San Pietro Hotel in the World Cultural Heritage town of Matera is a masterpiece of great architecture and the perfect place to travel 8000 years back in time. This cozy cave has everything you need for an intimate and comfortable vacation, including bathtubs for two.

The hotel was actually designed by a real life couple and rooms feature beautiful stone walls, candles, beds, TVs and Internet. It costs $275 per night for a standard room.

Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona

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Located on the mysterious Route 66, a classic road trip and the stay at a cave which boasts 200 feet rooms below the Earth surface. The Underground Cave Suite, according the the Grand Canyon Caverns, is the “largest, deepest, darkest, oldest, quietest motel room” in America.

The suite is 200 ft. by 400 ft. with ceilings that soar in places to over 70 feet; all formed over 65 MILLION years ago! Woah! As you can imagine, there is zero natural light and no living thing- no bats, no mice. Nothing!

Grand Canyon Caverns, forsake your comfy RV or motel room for one night in the Underground Cave Suite! It’s pricey at $800 per night (for 2 people, goes up $100 for each additional person up to a total of 6), but it may be one of the most unique motel rooms in the world. And it’s my personal favourite too.

Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden

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Last but not the least, in fact I have saved the coolest one for last. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite is located 500 feet deep inside Earth!! It is the world’s deepest place to sleep in the world’s best preserved mines. The rooms can only be accessed by a mine lift shaft. There’s no room service here but the hotel still has some luxurious features including silver furnishings and a champagne platter presented upon arrival.

It is deep down, it is cold, it is mysterious, a tad bit scary and absolutely gorgeous. One night in the bizarrely amazing room would be a life experience. And actually this is my personal favourite, change of mind!