Scientists have discovered sub-glacial caves during an expedition in Antarctic and surprisingly those caves consist of warm oasis flowing under the dead-cold icy whites of the snow world; scientists believe that this could be a home to some unknown species and could uncover unfound secrets of a new ecosystem!

Most often, Antarctic expeditions are about scientists and researchers bringing back ice samples, weather data and other important information; or tourists desperate to find offbeat holidays. But in one of the regular research expeditions on the Ross Island, a group of researchers a warm oasis beneath the ice sheets, which is particularly interesting! An ice cave was found on the island which is part of the Erebus Glacier tongue—created by an active volcano, and it was actually as warm as 25 degrees Celsius inside the caves!  So the most amazing part of this discovery is – that the ice cave could be host to an unknown number of plants and animals, some of which may include new species.

The team collected DNA samples which possess traces from algae, moss or perhaps other small animals, but at this point more expeditions will be necessary to provide concrete evidence. These test results are giving us a tantalizing glimpse of what might live beneath the ice in Antarctica! There might even be new species of animals and plants. So the next step is to go and have a really good look and see if we can find communities living beneath the ice in Antarctica.

And since it is just 25 degrees temperature down in the caves, you could easily wear t-shirt and be comfortable! How amazing it is to be able to wear a t-shirt in the wilds of lifeless cold endless plains of ice and snow! The caves make pretty amazing ambient too, as the sunlight spreads on to icy glaciers and some pass through the areas where ice sheets are comparatively thinner – building up beautiful ambient light. But the discovery isn’t about ambience, come on! It is about the possibility of finding some life and probably even an ecosystem which has been unfound and unknown till date! How cool would that be to find flora and fauna under those deadly icy glaciers.