Warner Bros’ latest release “Kong: Skull Island” is the latest reboot of the 1933 King Kong classic with absolutely stunning graphics. This seems to be a modernized remake of the giant ape idea that came in action almost eight decades ago. So the question is, is it really worth watching?

Warner Bros are back with the king story, and this time he has a backstory too. The fictional great ape saga has been iterating around ever since its first fruition in 1933, almost eight decades back and that is a very long time ago that the giant ape seems to be a lurkey turkey. We have watched the classic King Kong in 1933, then it returned in form of Dino De Laurentiis-produced remake and next, a re-remake in 2005 by Peter Jackson. So the colossal beast really loves us and keeps coming back to us.

In 2017, Kong has rolled his sleeves up for a new release adding a new side-story of Ben Gunn (John Reilly) who is shown to be living on the monstrous island for 25 years and knows every inch of the ghastly ecosystem of Skull Island. The movie is a 21st-century big budget production and has stunning graphics, exotic location, complex scene shootings, high-paid actors and digital effects. The movie is two hours of monster action and all the King Kong fans are going to have a good time watching the monster epic. Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ epic action movie has scored an impressive hike of 82% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.