India will witness a partial lunar eclipse tonight, when the moon enter the Earth’s shadow in space and create a spectacular celestial phenomenon. Let’s all spectate India’s first lunar eclipse, this year.

Look at the sky, well, not right now! Duh. The spectacular lunar eclipse begins at  10.52 pm today and will continue till 00.48 am IST. The eclipse will be visible from across India as well as from the whole of Asia and Australia and most parts of Europe and Africa. This will be this year’s first visible partial lunar eclipse when the earth moves in between the moon and the sun, but the three are not exactly aligned. Only part of the moon comes under earth’s shadow, and that part will look darker. The greatest eclipse, that is when the moon will be covered to the maximum extent will be around 11.50 pm. The magnitude of the eclipse, which means the fraction of the lunar diameter, will be eclipsed at the greatest eclipse moment at around 0.25 magnitude. The duration of the eclipse will be around 1 hour 55 minutes.

For India and many other places, eclipses are considered to bring bad omen and do not eat or drink during the celestial activity. Religious beliefs in India say food becomes impure during an eclipse and should not be eaten. To lessen the impact of the eclipse on the food, people add basil (tulsi) leaves to their food and water during the eclipse.There are also myths surrounding the health of pregnant women during an eclipse. Pregnant women are advised by elders not to go out during the eclipse or view the activity with naked eyes. They say the child in the womb tends to develop deformities if a pregnant woman does so. Well these are all absolute myths and there are no scientific proofs to any of these.

It is just a natural cycle just like day and night, just like life and death – it is almost like stop going out because it is dark or stop living because we might die. So let’s just dump all that and move out of our houses to watch the celestial activity in the skies – let us all enjoy lunar eclipse at 10:52 PM, today.