Travelling through most of the trains in India wasn’t cringing enough, so we have the ‘amazing’ toilets on board. Remember the last time you literally tried to control nature’s calls just to avoid wrinkled nose pose? But we might soon have some sterilized, sanitized clean toilets on train in India! Dreamy as it sounds!

Indian railway routes are beautiful and travelling through train is one hell of an experience but let’s admit, we have been dealing with the unhygienic environment on trains and the faulty execution of services since we can remember, probably. I am not saying it, it has been underlined by the recently released CAG report too, and anyone who train-traveled in India won’t deny. Recently, Indian Railways had announced the introduction of sanitized, designer blankets in trains which will replace those dirty linen and unwashed blankets provided in AC coaches. Phew! Next up is abating our long-time woe while travelling in a train, by providing hygienic toilets with ‘sanitized’ covers – yeah not just clean but sanitized! If that becomes a reality in all Indian rails, well, it will be no less than a BOON.

And it is not just talking, ground work has began at Indian Railways. A successful test has already been carried out in the first-class AC coaches of the Rajdhani Express, operated by Western Railway. After the test installation was successful, Railway ministry moved a step ahead and machines that will dispense biodegradable covers for toilet seats, after every use by a passenger are now ready to be installed in some of the train toilets. All we have to do is press a button at the top of the commode and the machine will dispense the sheet. These sheets are sanitized and unused of course, which are ready for a hygienic pee-poop experience. After use, the sheets can be disposed along with humanly waste. Easy-peasy and as clean as it gets.

This entire idea of using dispensers to deliver sanitized sheets in train toilets is the brainchild of Arun Singh – a senior coaching depot officer. May God bless this man.  Till date, 16 dispensers have been ordered and are expected to be installed in Rajdhani, August Kranti and Shatabdi express trains, run by Western Railway. There have been several complaints against unhygienic toilets in the past, but this is probably the first try to deliver come clean excretion area; and it is very important because the ‘process’ itself is really unfavorable yet inevitable and unhygienic surroundings just make things as worse as it can get, you know? But with the introduction of toilet-cover dispensers by one railway zone, we only need to wait and watch till it is appropriated by all trains in the country. And more importantly hope that the very civilized Indian citizens use these wisely, or at least use these.