After intensive training a network of telescopes stretching from Hawaii to Antarctica to Spain at the heart of our galaxy for five nights, the Event Horizon Telescope may have captured the first ever images of the Black Hole. But unfortunately it will take five months as the hard drives containing them are struck in Antarctica because of harsh wintery weather.

The scientists actually combined eight observatories like pieces of mirror to form on giant mirror instead of building one large telescope which would probably collapse because of its own weight. Combining the 8 telescopes gave the scientists a virtual telescope as big as Earth about 10,000 km in diameter and is called the ‘Event Horizon Telescope’. The virtual telescope trained on the middle of the Milky Way is powerful enough to spot a golf ball on the Moon.

The telescope targeted at two massive bodies in the sky – Sagittarus A*, a humongous black hole in the centre of our Milky Way and another black hole in the centre of a neighbouring galaxy called M87. It will take a few months for astronomers to actually generate the images of the black hole. Meanwhile, we all can wonder how it actually looks like!

The standard artistic representative images of black holes generally display a giant floating disk with bright, roiling, glowing outer rings and a nth degree black core from which nothing can escape, not even light. But their compilations failed in the actual physical representation of black holes because the black holes actually take curious shapes.

Although the images will take time and even if they turn out to be crappy and washed out, astronomers will still be able to test the basic predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity in the extreme environment of black holes. The black holes can be the ultimate endpoints of our universe, space and time and learning about them will represent the ultimate limit of our knowledge.

The monstrous black holes lying at the heart of every galaxy are one of the most mysterious things that exist for human beings and for the first time, knowing about these enigmatically obscure object which are said to suck down anything, including a flash of light will solve many unanswered questions of space and probably the birth of Universe. Talking about universe somehow takes me to déjà vu maybe because of Interstellar. And the representative images of the black hole kind of look like the ‘Sauron eye’, right?