United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA) is an annual gathering where more than 100 world leaders meet up for days of speeches and meetings to discuss global issues and agendas to curb the issues. This year’s UNGA is held at New York, so let’s see what happened so far.

One can imagine the aura of a place when leaders from over 100 countries meet up to discuss global issues, right? This year’s UNGA at New York will be pretty intriguing and so far, it has been dominated by topics like terrorism, refugee crisis, nuclear weapons and climate change. On the opening day of the General Assembly, which is 72nd annual meet this year – world leaders came up with their views on critical issues that the world is facing. Here are some of the top speeches on day 1 of UNGA.

First comes first, it’s none but Donald Trump – so it was Trump against Iran first, as he slashed out Iran by trying to paint it as a state that sponsors terrorism and extremism in the Middle East. After Iran, it was Trump and, well basically everyone else as he continuously made clear about his desire for the UN to ‘reform’ and ‘use less American money’. And finally, not missing a chance to put forth his nationalism through ‘America First’ campaign, he said that he will always put America first, and that all other world leaders should put their countries first. So this guideline from the American President can come handy, keep ‘em!

To counterbalance Trump’s put-out approach – it was French President Emmanuel Macron’s maiden speech in which he relentlessly slammed Trump’s views on Iran nuclear deal and called it an ‘accord essential for peace’. Furthermore, needless of mentioning, Macron didn’t miss a chance of putting forward the American rejection of Paris climate agreement and underlined the importance of climate issues. And in the end, Macron rejected warfare approach towards North Korea and said that France was still open for having dialogue to solve the Korean crisis – basically, everything to counterbalance Trump’s speech.

Another notable speech came from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who describe the need of support from EU countries over refugee crisis from Syria and Iraq, entering Turkey. Erdogan also talked about Israel-Palestine issue, and much needed peace efforts in Syria. World leaders will be discussing about more topics for few says and as expected – the main focus will be on rising nuclear tension among countries, Korean crisis, Syrian crisis, Myanmar crisis, Qatar crisis and may more including Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Iran.