Good Friday, a dark day two thousand years ago when Jesus of Nazareth was crucified to death in Cavalry. Jesus was stripped, mocked in public and crucified by powerful members of the religious, political and military communities, yet two millennia later Christians who believe in Jesus as the Son of God celebrate the dark day as ‘Good Friday’. What is so good about the day after all?

It’s called Good Friday because even while powerful men were conspiring to kill the Son of God, God himself was acting to save the world from itself, once and for all. God created the World as his good kingdom where human can

flourish and which would never have to experience evil. Yet, the very first couple, Adam and Eve decided to seize power for themselves and introduced evil in God’s good kingdom. Ever since, it was decided that Humanity will live in a world riddled by evil and only the righteous will be rewarded.

Jesus was sent to World as a Saviour who would undo the evil. So here’s what Jesus’ crucifixion accomplished and these reasons will prove why it is called ‘Good Friday’.

Jesus suffered so that we wouldn’t have to suffer

Christianity teaches that human being are born with a tendency towards sins and also that God loves us and does not want us to suffer. So he sent Jesus Christ, a Saviour in human form and “traded places” with us, human beings. He lived the sinless life we were supposed to live and died a death that we deserved to die. He took our guilty records, died for it and left behind his perfect record for us.

Reconciled humans with God and each other

Humans had alienated themselves from God and others because of sins, Jesus saved humans from the sins and hence helped to mend the relationships. Jesus’ reconciling powers helped to torn down all the relational barriers and unite human race.

The Resurrection raised hope for the future

After Jesus suffered for three days on the cross, he was buried but he rose from the grave on the third day! The day is celebrated as Easter which not only proved the divinity of Jesus Christ but also raised a wave of hope for a better future among believers. After the divine Resurrection, Jesus declared that he will return one day to make things right, to disestablish evil, sins and death and establish himself as the true King of a righteous, peaceful and lovely kingdom.

For Christians, the day is crucial as ever since Jesus Christ died and was raised back to life, they believe that the cross and resurrection of Jesus to be the decisive turning point for all creation. Thus the day is of supreme importance to the people following the faith.