The new internet world sensation application of this week is? Any guesses? No, it’s not Facebook or Snapchat – it is the anonymous messaging application for smartphones called Sarahah. Know what is all the hype about this new application and is this app worth a try and the memory space in your phone?

We all love all the comments and feedbacks we get on social media, don’t we? You may or may not accept it but that is only true – what else is the point for sharing all those pictures and posts on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat? Now imagine that you can send and receive feedbacks and comments from other, ‘anonymously’; i.e. the feedbacks are posted without your name. You can post something and people from across the world can visit your profile, even without logging in and leave comments, feedbacks and even messages, anonymously.  Which means you will never know who complimented you or criticised you on Sarahah app.

Being able to leave messages and comments without revealing your identity, not even name – that justifies how it became so popular in such a short period. The developers say that Sarahah helps people to self-develop, but receiving constructive and anonymous feedbacks. The application was launched in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but since past week, Sarahah has become very popular in India too; and the anonymous messaging feature explains why.

All one needs to do is open the application, you don’t even have to log in and even if you are logged in, everything you post will be anonymous by default; you still have the option to reveal your identity. And of course you can choose your preferences of who can comment and view your posts, but what’s the point of sharing if you really don’t share it. The application developed by an Arab developer records the logs of comments you received, sent and favorited and the closest you could get is ‘follow’ a user to continue giving feedbacks, but there is certainly no way to respond to a message.

Anonymity on internet to know what other think over things you share is a neat idea, but only if used affirmatively; because anonymity comes with the biggest glitch – ability to post hateful and rude comments without revealing identity. It lets people to act out and behave in hurtful ways without consideration for consequences, and rude comments hurt even from an anonymous stranger. That is probably the popular application has received 10,305 5-star reviews as well as 9,652 1-star reviews – extremely polarized reviews.

So should you use Sarahah? Well if you use it wisely as a fun app to share some light-hearted stuff with your friends, go ahead. But you must know that these things go viral quickly and it might bring out the worst face of internet, anonymously. The application is certainly not for the faint hearted ones, but probably worth a shot.