US President Donald Trump will be airing his first prime broadcast to the country today and will be talking about America’s new strategy towards Afghanistan and South Asia – will this new strategy really be new?

The long-awaited strategy of White House towards the Afghan war after Donald Trump’s takeover will finally be broadcasted in the President’s prime-time television address to citizens of America, tonight.  In the speech, Trump will ask Americans to trust him on his new Afghanistan policy which can classically be briefed as ‘preventing a terrorist victory in Afghanistan’ – the most sombre duty of any president – decision on waging a war on foreign lands. To make it really cheesy, Trump – himself is standing in a deeply compromised political chasm and his own position as a leader of the nation is imperilled.

The speech is expected to convince Americans that Trump administration has set right amount of action and wages on Afghanistan and other South Asian countries with an ultimate goal of national security. This could be so very accepted if everyone neglected his own depleted approval ratings and behaviour as the President, which has shunned away and somehow alienated many voters in a brief period of just 7 months. The speech is supposed to unify the citizens of America and justify the credibility of the President’s decisions but with the squandered image – thanks to his rhetoric provocative outbursts which questions his ability to make ‘decisions’.

Afghanistan has been struggling to prevent the insurgence of Taliban ever since US troops ‘invaded’ the country in order to take over the militants in United States’ national security interests. Thousands of dollars are spent and troops over troops of American army are deployed to the warred country; and the new strategy is certainly expected to beef up the concentration in Afghan because what is going on there, is simply not working. Almost half of the country’s territory is contested or controlled by insurgents – that is the status in 15 years. The prime-time speech is surely something not just Americans but probably something, international audience is eyeing on.