WhatsApp has lately been all about changes and updates in their application for providing users with the best experience and lesser nuisance and they have yet another update that is likely to include a feature called ‘reply privately’ for group chats on the app.

Yes! Even in a group chat, one will be able to reply privately to a person and the rest of the group won’t even get to know about it. Sometimes, we want to convey a message in a group but are hesitant to do so because of other people present there. In such cases, we rush to find the personal chats of the people we want to talk to and end up wasting a lot of time and creating a lot of confusion. So now, WhatsApp has decided to bid goodbye to this problem, by introducing the ‘reply privately’ feature. For now, this update is only available in the beta version of the app.

Steps to use the feature:

  1. Open the group chat and
  2. Select a message
  3. Look for options.
  4. Tap on the ‘reply privately’ option.

As you do this, WhatsApp will open a private chat window where the users can text the contact.

Interestingly, the app will allow us to use this feature for older messages and closed groups as well. In addition to that, we’ll also be able to use ‘reply privately’ in the groups where Send Messages setting is set to “Only administrators”. Earlier, you could not send any message in such a group if you are not the admin. However, private reply feature has changed this and you can now send a message to clear out your queries.

The feature is available on the 2.18.335 version of Android beta but it is recommended to wait for 2.18.336/337 update to try the feature because current version of WhatsApp causes crashes when we try to delete media in a chat.