Look back in time and you’ll notice how much WhatsApp has evolved and updated itself with useful and interesting  features, and the latest addition to the list is the Picture in Picture aka “PiP” feature for the Android app – a feature that was present on iOS for long.

Earlier, one had to used third party apps to view videos forwarded in WhatsApp, then the app got itself an update that allowed the users to watch forwarded videos in the same screen. Now, WhatsApp is adding an update that will allow us to watch videos in the chat screen, without having to redirect to third party apps or pages and this new feature is called “Picture in Picture” or simply “PiP”. WhatsApp has already submitted this new update for it’s web app, providing us with the ability to use the PiP feature for videos hosted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Streamable.

To get the taste of this new feature, you will have to update to the 0.3.2041 version of the app, which will also bring along several security updates and some other improvements. Here is how to update your WhatsApp web app:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Re-launch the browser
  • Open up the WhatsApp web platform in its latest version

Once you have availed the latest WhatsApp Web version, the PiP feature should work just fine. To check it, click on any third party link received on WhatsApp, e.g.: an YouTube link. The link will open up as a video inside the app and it will play on a smaller window in the chat screen. You’ll be able to chat in the same chat screen while watching the video on the web app, just like that on your phone using PiP feature. And when you are done watching the video, just swipe it to the right and it will be gone.