Finally, Whatsapp will soon add group video calling feature and add stickers – the features that are already on its rivals like Skype since years.

At the much anticipated F8 Developer Conference by Whatsapp’s parent firm Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be major updates for Facebook as well as all social media applications that fall under its umbrella – like Instagram and Whatsapp. Talking about Whatsapp’s upcoming update, Zuckerberg said that the app will soon add group video calling feature which will enable users to have face-to-face conversation with multiple people at once. This will be a majorly welcomed upgrade from having only a one-to-one video calling option to being able to host group video conferences.

Currently, video calling is one of the most popular Whatsapp features and has already been used about 2 billion minutes of video calling on WhatsApp alone. With introduction of group video calling feature the popular app is expected to become even more popular and will “create new ways for people to connect privately with close friends, groups, and businesses.” While it might be seen as a big deal, the feature was overdue on Whatsapp since years. Not just because the one-to-one video calling feature has arrived since two years, but because Whatsapp groups are widely binged on by people and not being able to video call on groups was always a missing part.

Oh and there’s more – Whatsapp will now have those fancy huge stickers which are already around in most other messaging apps for years. Addition of stickers will certainly make the chatting experience more interactive and more vivid for all. The sticker feature will enable third-party developers to offer playful ways to communicate within the popular messaging app, something that Facebook’s own messaging app, Messenger. With features like these along with Payment and Business options, Whatsapp is aiming to turn into a major standalone app – possibly the only app one would ever need.