We could be the one to witness the historic merger of Facebook-owned messaging platforms, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Here are some of the chances, pros and cons that will come with the mega-social-merger.

As the NYT reports, Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Facebook Inc. has plans to incorporate WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption to these platforms post-merger. This is an intent to provide reliable messaging across all three platforms, though operating as stand-alone post-merger. The promised autonomy to Instagram and WhatsApp accelerated their success and popularity which made Facebook’s CE to rethink over the policies and changes to it. Zuckerberg has an intent to make good out of it for entire “Facebook family” but that has lead to a clash between Facebook and employees and pioneers of WhatsApp and Instagram. The reality is showing a threat to user’s data privacy and security. This merger leads to a situation in which one person from Facebook and/or Instagram can send messages to the one who has only WhatsApp account and such more test cases.

The work is reported to be in early stages and is expected to be completed by early 2020, says Zuckerberg. The prior trade-offs would be that metadata integration will allow Facebook to learn more about users and could use that data to charge more for advertising and targeted services. Messenger that allows strangers to contact people without knowing their phone numbers, increases threats to children and leads to more stalking cases. Mobile numbers’ based system would allow governments and other entities to easily extract location information from them and could cause casualties.

‘Facebook Marketplace’ is a business opportunity that the company eyes post-merger allowing the user to sell and buy goods and also communicate for the same on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp and Instagram bringing in less revenue, the company also plans to charge a little for advertisements and increasing its revenue. This will, however, make it challenging for Facebook to spot and track the spill of discontent and discriminating information on the platform.