After years of experimenting and testing, WhatsApp has finally launched its standalone business application that aims to be useful to small businesses and traders connect with their customers easily – the app is called ‘WhatsApp Business’.

WhatsApp Business app has been in buzz and was talked about since quite some time and it has finally officially launched. The standalone WhatsApp Business app lets small businesses that have thus far been using their accounts meant for individuals to connect to their customers. The app has officially rolled out and is available for free download on Google Play Store, however, it is up only for a few countries as of now – and India is not one of those countries. Also, WhatsApp Business app has been launched just for Android users and iOS users will have to wait for some time. However, the app is expected to be available for all, globally very soon.

WhatsApp Business app will let small companies to create their profiles with basic information like a description about the business, email or store address and website, among other things – pretty much like Facebook Pages. So if you run a small business like a start-up clothing company or have a local grocery store or bakery – then WhatsApp Business app will let you connect with people and customers            easily and efficiently. he app also provides smart messaging tools like quick replies for fast answers to FAQs, greeting messages to introduce your business to customers and messages to let them know you’re busy. Apart from these features, the app will provide mark messaging tool so that business people can answer questions and FAQs quickly.

The new app will not only help businesses but it will also let users know that they are talking to a business as the company’s profile will be listed as a Business Account. Whatsapp’s big plan is to verify these businesses over time to ensure authenticity of business accounts. Also, people who would want to reach to any business will require to download the new app while everything will remain the same for general users. Oh and it is available for free now, but WhatsApp intends to charge businesses in some form in the future – but that depends on how well the new app is received.