The story of how a simple bus driver become a life saviour of 50 lives by staying committed to his work, despite being under attack of horrendous continuous firing.

A desolated bus was peacefully moving aside the valleys of Kashmir in pitch dark night, carrying innocent Amarnath pilgrims, away from the protected convoy of other pilgrims, and it was suddenly rained with chilling rounds of open gunfire on Monday night. Militants continuously fired right at the moving bus but the driver Saleem Sheikh kept his cool and he kept driving the bus amid indiscriminate firing of gun bullets. The firing had punctured the tired of bus but Saleem somehow anyhow kept driving the bus for two kilometres from the place of attack and drove all the 56 passengers aboard to a safer place.

Saleem’s bravery couldn’t save 7 people and a few were injured too, but he saved the rest of his 50 passengers’ lives who were travelling from Srinagar to Jammu. If that would not have been done by Saleem, the number of fatalities would rise to much larger number. Basically from Gujarat, Saleem has been driving for Amarnath Yatra since seven years and he was on his duty even though his son had undergone through an ear surgery. Saleem’s brave act was lauded by the media when his story of bravery went viral through a media network.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani applauded the bravery of Saleem by saying, “I want to thank bus driver for saving lives of people even when there was firing going on. We will nominate his name for bravery award.”. The bus which was from Gujarat is said to be unregistered with Amarnath Shrine Board and was left behind from the yatra convoy which left it devoid of any security. After this attack, the security in Jammu and Kashmir, and Gujarat have been beefed up and an alert has been announced for safety of the pilgrims.