Japanese PM Abe Shinzo has arrived to Ahmedabad to meet PM Modi. So while the city is all ‘brided-up’ to welcome the Japanese guest, there’s a special menu being prepared for the VVIP delegates – its super-weirdly-creative-culinary, keep reading.

The economic capital city of Gujarat – Ahmedabad has been prepping up since long to welcome Japanese PM Abe Shinzo. As it is the homeland of Modi, it had to be full-fledged bling stay and an unforgettable experience for all Japanese, because why not! Apart from the extremely beautified version of Ahmedabad, what is even more intriguing and attention-catchy is the menu of what both PMs will be eating. Trust me, it is very catch, eye-ball-catchy and something you’ve never heard or imagined about.

Needless of mentioning, the menu will consist of the finest varieties of authentic Japanese and Indian cuisines but there the more ‘spectacular’ side of the VVIP menu – the fusions! Culinary experts have made sure that the dishes server are extremely authentic but along with that, some delectable culinary creativity will also be served and Indo-Japanese fusion dishes such as Sushi-Dhokla and Sushi-Khichdi. Wait a second, take your time. Yes, well that’s what I said – sounds hilarious somehow. But don’t judge before knowing what it will be like.

So how could someone make a dhokla-sushi, well, chefs have amazing brains – it is made with the same batter Dhokla is made but it will be steamed in nori sheets (made of edible seaweed and usually used as a wrap for sushi). Oh and we all love khichdi – that simple Gujarati-Kathiyawadi go-to super satisfying healthy filler when you can’t take anything else. So no imagine khichdi rolled as sushi and then served with a Japanese dip called Wasabi Espuma. That is what they’ll be eating – perfect for those adventurous eaters. I wonder if both the PMs are one of them. What do you think about this fusion? Let us know in the comment section down below.