According to Forbes, the richest person of the world – as of now – is Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos with a new worth of $93.8 billion after a massive bounce in the company’s stock value; hence overtaking Bill Gates.

‘We never know what will happen the next moment’, proved so true after Jeff Bezos ended his day by becoming the richest person on his planet, which boomed his net worth by $10.4 billion within a matter of hours. Amazon stock rocketed 13.5 percent on Friday, the biggest jump in 2.5 years and Bezos became $5.1 million richer than former No. 1 richest man – Microsoft owner, Bill Gates! See what can happen in a day! One can beat Bill Gates and become the richest man alive.

Amazon’s booming stock performance followed a strong third-quarter earnings report that exceeded analyst expectations for the company, as per Bloomberg’s reports. Amazon has been on a tear this year. It acquired Whole Foods and plans to establish a second headquarters somewhere in North America. More than 200 cities and regions have submitted bids to become the home for HQ2.  And a major stock booster that helped the company in making huge profits within just a day.

Gates hit as the richest person for the first time in 1995 when he was 39 and his $12.9 billion fortune put him on top of the billionaire ratings. Ever since then, he has been on the top, but had dropped down in 2007 because he gave away tens of millions as charity. But Gates has been on top since a decade, until on July 27, Bezos briefly dethroned Gates when his net worth topped $90 billion because of a temporary surge in Amazon stock. So this isn’t the first time that Bezos has become the richest man, and it doesn’t seem to be the last one – considering the progress of Amazon.