US Ambassador to the UN and America’s top diplomat Nikki Haley stunned the world as she gave a surprise resignation on Tuesday, despite being considered to be “safe” in her diplomatic role and close to Trump. So the biggest question is: why?

Resigning from the post, Haley said that after working for two years on the high-profile position, she “realised that it is simply her time”. However, it is the same fierce US ambassador who entered the UN with a statement that there was a “new sheriff in town”. So although Haley might attempt to nip this in the bud, there’s this invincible speculation of why did she step off from the high position. The Washington Post gives out a billing story, quite obviously that “She’s a rising star and he’s king, so there’s always an inherent tension there.”

However, the speculations are that Haley left to return at an even higher position few years later, and maybe even take over the Presidential position. Though Haley cleared while resigning that she is not running for 2020 and has no plans to challenge Trump’s re-election, she is just 46 (which is young in political world) so she might be pinning a longer game. Maybe she will run for 2024 – which will be open for her, regardless of Trump’s election in 2020 or not.

Another possible reason could be that she just decided to quit the sinking ship – considering all the legal troubles that Trump is and will be facing in days to come. The centre of the problems for Trump’s presidency are the beginning of probe that will soon conclude the connections between his political campaigns and Russian operatives. Not even considering little problems like the Stormy case and many others. Nikki Haley possibly wanted to leave before the entire administration faces even more scrutiny. Or maybe that she just lost her influence in the White House and she followed the golden rule – “always exit the stage while they are still clapping”.