Moon, Earth’s satellite is in the nearest and the only celestial body that humans have stepped upon almost half a century ago. With latest space technology, the voyage to moon can be made in 3 days, however, since 45 long years after NASA’s Apollo mission ended, no human has made an effort to land on Moon. Why?

The last person to have landed on Moon was 45 years ago, and till date, only 12 people have made it to the moon and back. It’s strange that when humans are trying to search the parallel universe and build homes on Mars, why haven’t we explored our own satellite enough. Even Elon Musk in has questioned why are we not paying attention to the opportunities to get newer potential fuel resources and making a lunar base till now.

As it becomes difficult to take all the fuel needed to explore deeper space from the earth itself, Moon can serve as a fuel station to stop by and reload the necessary fuel for space crafts, as that would make it easier for space centers to launch space crafts. Moon could’ve been definitely made a holiday destination by now but the moon dust is not much compatible for human tissues to interact with. Also the further areas of Moon are so unexplored that the next step to land on Moon should be making a human based research center there itself as suggested by some space geeks.

Coming to the point why the nearest celestial body is so much unknown to us, the reason behind it is politics and finance. Changing political parties in the US have made it difficult for NASA to keep up with their expectations related to space research, as a new leader demands to carry out research in a whole new field leaving behind the previous research incomplete.

Moreover, NASA has witnessed lowering of funds year by year due to the reduce in their funding at the federal budget from  4% to 1% to 0.4% till now. However, NASA hasn’t left the hope to be in the reign of a government that leaves all of their work to themselves and gives them liberty to explore the space by all means.