The French Presidential Election 2017 is one day away and both Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen both vying to win over the electorate. The two candidates will face off in the second round on May 7, where Macron is widely tipped to become the president of France. So why is the French Election so important? And what does the polls say about who will win the election?

The French voters have rejected the two big political parties that have governed for decades and are now at a crossroads as they choose a president. Both the candidates are very dissimilar from each other, so the big question is – Will the French go for a pro-European liberal who has never before been elected – Emmanuel Macron, or a far-right challenger to the establishment, who has vowed to take on globalisation and France’s relationship with the EU – Marine Le Pen?

After the electoral victory of Donald Trump in US, the Brexit vote in UK and the victory of Narendra Modi in India, France is the latest country to deal a blow to politics as usual. The Socialists and the centre right have run France since the 1950s, but the old model has been shattered. And in the 2017 election, whoever wins, centrist Emmanuel Macron or populist Marine Le Pen, France will have a president with an agenda for change.

If the voters choose Macron, the will go for a centrist who looks EU reform as well as deeper European integration in the form of a Eurozone budget and Eurozone finance ministers; and if they choose Le Pen, she favours the replacement of EU by European nations and will return sovereignty.  According to recent polling by Elabe, he would take 65 per cent of the vote in a second-round run-off against Le Pen, though his lead has narrowed in the last days before voting. We wait for the big results tomorrow; meanwhile, who do you think will win the French Presidential Election 2017? Let us know in the comment section down below.