The Electronic Voting Machine is a topic of hot-talks among the country these days, as opposition parties have alleged the tampering of EVMs. But there is a reason about why the Election Commission of India is not going back to the traditional ballot papers for election polls.

Since 2000, India has undergone 107 Assembly elections and 3 Lok Sabha Elections where EVMs were used at all the poll booths. So why exactly was the EVM system adopted? The use of ballot papers was pretty time consuming, prone to malpractices like ballot-box stuffing and booth-capturing and there is a huge part of society which is illiterate which resulted into many cases of manipulation, misunderstanding and tapering the ballot paper votes.

Apart from the tampering and violence incidents at poll booths, a huge number of votes were declared invalid due to wrong or incorrect markings which means a direct loss of multiple votes from legitimate voters. The counting of votes used to take days and accuracy of the counted votes was also compromised. And managing such huge volume of paper was a very, very tedious challenge for the largest democracy of world. It is also not very eco-friendly as humongous amount of paper was used in the elections.

To resolve and overcome all these problems, the election commission came up with a solution – the Electronic Voting Machine. As per the poll panel, this electronic system was much simpler and voter friendly which accurately casts vote with a mere press of the button. So the EVM eradicated the existence of any ‘invalid’ vote. These machines are protected from being tampered and are much faster in terms of providing results as it can be declared within hours instead of days and weeks.

This is the reason of why the Election Commission is fiercely resisting attempts of the few political parties to revert to the old practice of paper ballot voting. As a measure to prove, assure and confirm the security and truthfulness of the EVMs, the election commission will introduce the VVPAT machines. And Election Commission will be demonstrating the EVM with VVPA tomorrow.