This is the age, not old enough to make you financially strong at your retirement, once you opt-in for equity investments.

30 is the era where you are financially stable, living appreciable life, possess kids, saving remarkable amount from your profit or job. And then? There comes investment idea from different sources, some say for Mutual Funds, some for IPO and shares.

When we think long-term, we usually prefer Mutual Funds based on Equity. If you are paying ITR, which in-reality you don’t want, you can also go for ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) which benefits you upto 1.5L in tax returns.

It is also the age when money becomes more than a means to an end. It becomes a goal.

Money management became necessary tasks to fulfil the dreams at your desired age. Those, who invested for a long time, got long ride and stay. Even, hi-fi marriage arrangement of their child. These things happened just because of smart investing. Most preferable sources found was mutual fund SIP and its various features that will balance your money in an effective way.

There are many brokers and portfolio, who can share benefits with you in long term investments. For short goals, Debt Fund and FDs are preferred way but make sure your money does not perform like-in market, so you cannot expect good returns (7-9%).

But, when you are going for 3 Year ELSS SIP, you will find remarkable returns with as high as 22% (or even higher in high-risk investment). And, when you just keep it invested for long-term without any much transactions, you may buy your own 4 BHK from your job.

So, when you calculate years from a very age of 30, you may end up with luxury in your 60s. MFs are the most preferred and smart way to start investing as it is never too late.

Some of the best brokers found online are,,, etc…