You know The Boring Company, right? So the company is working with SpaceX to advance in the tunnelling technology on Mars, which will help SpaceX safely house humans on the red planets. In simpler terms, Boring Company and SpaceX will develop a way that will let us leave Earth and reside in a hole on Mars – an offer nobody can deny?

How would you like living in a hole? Not so much? But if you want to live on Mars, it might be your only option because Elon Musk’s companies are making plans to increase chances of humanity’s potential future on the Red Planet. SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell commented that the Boring Company could be the way that we house people on Mars as the company can dig tunnels for humans to live. They believe that humans can build an entire cities underground if they wanted to and go to the surface from time to time but live underground with the right boring technology on Mars.

This isn’t just a speculation made by Shotwell, but Musk has also expressed interest in and awareness of the many potential uses for advanced tunnelling technologies on Mars and for settlement of the solar system more generally. SpaceX already plans to join forces with the Boring Company to transport people here on Earth, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine the Boring Company helping SpaceX with its off-world plans. As of now, sending one tunnel-digging machine to Mars might prove to be the cheapest way to build safe habitats on the planet. Sure, living underground might force us to miss out on what’s likely a spectacular view, but hey, we might also retain our abilities to think clearly, reproduce, and live cancer-free.

Well, if given a choice, why on Earth would anyone want to leave Earth and live in a hole on arid Martian region? Because if we consider the more pessimistic of predictions about our planet’s future habitability come to fruition, we might not actually have much of a choice but to live on Mars. SpaceX is building towards a manned flight for the Dragon Crew spacecraft and they can make target for manned flights with a goal of putting crew and cargo to Mars by 2024.