Mumbai: India’s automobile giant Tata Motors is removing the designations tradition from company to design the best employee workflow despite any level. By this approach, a pleasant teamwork environment can be inspired with creativity touch.

Designations such as general manager, senior general manager, deputy general manager, vice-president and senior vice-president are among those that will be no more treated as important one when it comes to fruitful team building.

The company told employees in a circular on Wednesday that the move will create a “mindset free of designations and hierarchy”. About 10,000 employees of Tata Motors will be affected by this move, a senior executive said.

‘Head’ title will be given to all managers with a team reporting followed by the function or department after their names. Consequently, an employee who is one-man army or does not have team member will be just the function or department after their name.

“More number of roles have moved than people. People need to grow in terms of breadth and depth. We need to break the silos across the functions,” said Gajendra S Chandel, chief human resources officer at Tata Motors.

Many of the Tata Motors top officials have expressed positively to this move and they strongly believe that a good eco-system has finally taken place where an employee can get promotion in more logical way. This will help in terms of communication and quicker implementation on the ground.

To face the active competition from Scania, Bharat Benz and Volvo, Tata Motors hired Accenture to devise a strategy for shoulder-to-shoulder performance in the automobile market. These are the companies that Tata Motors considers for commercial vehicle competitor.