So Donald Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first destination for the 9 day – 5 countries tour and landed in Saudi Arabia along with the US First Lady Melanie Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump for a historic meeting with the Arab royals and officials. Will this visit prove to be a page turner?

Donald Trump along with his wife – Melanie Trump, visited the oil-rich conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia and touched down in Riyadh to meet King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and other high-level Saudi officials. They were grandly welcomed by King Salman and officials and the welcome featured a military base band and a fighter jet flyover to demonstrate the importance and anticipation of Trump’s visit in the Middle Eastern Kingdom.

The two leaders sat side by side at the VIP section of the airport terminal and drank cups of Arabic coffee. And on the way to the Ritz hotel, King Salman rode with the president in Trump’s heavily armoured presidential limousine called “the Beast”. Trump also expected a prestigious award from King Salman bin on Saturday and he literally bowed his head to receive the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, the country’s highest civilian honour, which appeared like dear Mr Trump made a curtsy! See, this is what I was talking about – “un-American”.

During the royal banquet, both leaders engaged in private talks and also made deal worth $100 billion for Saudi to by American arms. Trump also delivered a speech for rallying Muslims to fight against terrorism and focus on re-affirming the long-standing friendship, and strengthening the close political, economic, security and cultural bonds between the two nations.

Apart from the official talks, Mr Trump along with other White House officials participated in a ceremonial sword dance in Saudi Arabia outside the Murabba Palace on Saturday; where he danced pretty much klutzily with a sword in his hand! So not Trump? So why exactly are the two country leaders ‘goofing’ up? Because United States has enough enemies already? Or is it about money and oil that they are literally curtsying? Whatever it is, alliance and affinity between countries is always a very optimistic thing. Why? Because no war which implies PEACE. Yes, the much needed peace. So I am not sure if this meeting will ‘turn pages’ for both countries or not, but what looks like from outside is that they are trying to ally up and fight against evil and malevolent, at least they are saying so. Together they prevail.