While on four-day visit to Jammu & Kashmir, Union Home Minister – Rajnath Singh made some high promises regarding restoring peace in the Valley and that the Government will not scrape down Kashmir’s special status covered under Article 35A.

Kashmir, the ‘heaven on Earth’ us under blaze of bitter human disputes since years, many different governments came into rule, made promises, put in efforts, but somehow nothing has works significantly to cool off the Kashmir issue. During his visit to Kashmir, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh marked that the situation has improved in the Valley as compared to last year and peace will be restored in the conflict-ridden beautiful piece of land. Claiming as high as the sky, in a good way of course, Rajnath Singh also said that nobody can stop Kashmir from regaining its ‘paradise of Earth’ status again.

Talking on behalf of the Centre, Singh said that they are open to talk to anyone who is willing to share ideas of what can be done to resolve peace in Jammu and Kashmir; even if it takes 50 visits a year. While talking about improving situations in the Valley, Singh said that he could see new buds of hope budding on the trees and the trees of hope haven’t dried up yet. The talks then eventually shifted to a current controversial topic of Article 35A, under which Kashmir and its residents get special provisions and rights over any other state in India. The special provisions for Valley state of India were granted when the Indian Constitution was formed at the time of Independence, but recently there have been rumours about Government’s plans to scrape down the special provisions.

Rajnath Singh cleared about the topic and said that the Government will never hurt the sentiments of Kashmiri people and there are no plans of scraping down Article 35A. He also said that Government is also planning for a permanent solution that will persist with time – a better paradise. So if the Government is willing and supportive, people are obviously willing to live in peace and the army is for people – well what exactly is the hurdle for achieving peace in the paradise Valley.