The winds have changed, because Donald Trump is aboard to rescue the sinking (or already sunk) ship of Qatar crisis – which to him, is a ‘fairly easy’ task. Let’s us all wait for peace!

One of the greatest and probably the longest crisis in the Gulf waters seems to have no end, despite continuous efforts from a number of international as well as inter-Gulf mediation and interventions. Neither the group of four Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain are ready to ease out their conditions to resolve the dispute, nor is Qatar ready to give up its sovereign rules – which is kind of legitimate too. During all this, Kuwait has been a consistent key mediator and is trying to solve the issue since it was seeded. Appreciating efforts of Kuwait, US President Trump showed his willingness to intervene and solve Qatar crisis – peacefully.

During a joint conference of White House and Kuwait’s Emir Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Thursday, Trump said that he thinks there could be peace and US will be giving its best, despite little reluctance. He also added, “We have tremendous talent working on that particular transaction. As you know, David Friedman, the ambassador, is very much involved. We have a great group of people. We’ll see what happens.”. He will see what happens. Trump also said that he would be willing to help talking with UAE and Saudi Arabia because he has very good relations with them. So now dear Mr Trump wants to gladly help in resolving Qatar crisis and retaining peace in Gulf nations – that shows some goodwill, ain’t it?

While we welcome and appreciate this gesture and willingness, we know that Trump is used to make big small talks, you know? Remember a few months ago when he said that America will work on peaceful solution to Israel-Palestine relations? And how he had sent Rex Tillerson – his best man to solve Qatar crisis? So is it just me or there is actually no significant advancement? Another note – Qatar crisis had begun on June 5 this year, which was hardly a fortnight after Trump’s first presidential visit to Saudi Arabia. What does that indicate? But again, it is the willingness that matters and at least he is talking about plans to retain peace. So does this mean Einstein was wrong about the quote he said – ‘problems cannot be solved with the same mind-set that created them’!