The latest public opinion surveyed shows a shift from impending defeat for BJP to a close call and tough contest between BJP and Congress, leading to an unpredictable poll outcome and a question about whether sitting CM Vasundhara Raje will survive the anti-incumbency battle and come out victorious in the Rajasthan assembly election.

As the clock for Rajasthan polls ticks away, it gets clearer that it will be a tough contest between the two major political parties – BJP and Congress. On one hand, Congress is reckoning on the anti-incumbency factor against the Raje government that is fuelled by the angst among people of the state for persistent unemployment, agricultural stagnancy and Vasundhara Raje’s apparent distance from the populace. While BJP is still fighting with the current CM as the face, backed by the party’s classic Modi-Shah duo for campaigning.

The state has always alternated the parties who come to power, and the current foothold of both BJP and Congress in Rajasthan seems to be missing the ground that is needed to come out clearly victorious. Raje-led BJP government had whitewashed the state in 2013 election with 163 out of 200 constituencies, all credits to the tremendous Modi-wave and the anti-incumbency wave against Ashok Gehlot. And, Vasundhara has a treasure of eradicating price rise, corruption, poor governance as well as law and order to offer to all the voters.

But with a full five-year tenure, the table seems to have turned as the biggest issue that creeps the incumbent government is farmers’ distress and unemployment. But despite the Raje government still delivered some satisfactory schemes like the Bhamashah Yojana. For now, the anti-incumbency wave is fuelling up, but Congress still misses a strong face to come out against the BJP trio. The opinion polls are giving BJP a 37-39% vote share, compared with 44-51% for the Congress, but it will be a close call battle for both the parties and the actual outcome can only be known on December 11.