As the tide of ‘doing it online’ is taking the market, almost everything is possible to complete online. Whether it is filling up the form to get a new electricity connection, or paying bills or even ordering food. Some of the companies also hire freshers through online tests and Wipro is currently hiring freshers through online test called the Elite National Level Talent Hunt (NLTH).

Rather than choosing the offline campus pool in engineering colleges, Wipro chooses to hire freshers through an online test called Elite National Level Talent Hunt (NLTH). Through the online test, they can reach to a wider number of freshers and they can hire great talent. Also if anyone comes from the remote area, and want to apply for a job at Wipro, it is a good chance for them as the test is completely online. This NLTH exam tests candidate’s knowledge in aptitude, written communication skills, and their programming skills. Candidate can choose C, C++, Java or Python for the coding test.

Of course, only clearing of this test doesn’t directly hire you, but this test just shortens the recruiting time and filters candidates easily. This recruitment process will be completed in just 3-4 weeks. Earlier it took 3-4 months with the traditional recruitment process. So, this online recruitment process will save time for both the company and the candidates.

With the development of new technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, and automation, they look for in candidates are primarily the ability to solve the problems, conceptualize the solution, break it into smaller pieces, and then convert it into the relevant piece of code. If the candidate is able to deliver such problem-solving skills, he/she is more likely to get hired. Bhanumurthy, Wipro President and COO said, “While we have preferences for certain (programming) languages, we don’t mind what language people choose to specialize in, but they have to identify and solve problems.”