Over 7.2 million voters lined up in long queues on Sunday to cast their dry run vote which was held by the Opposition to pressurise Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro over his plan to rewrite the constitution while the South American country still struggles with violence.

Thousands of people came down across the streets of Venezuela to support the opposition with 7,186,170 votes, showing impressive support for the country’s far-flung diaspora. Maduro is planning to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution and the proposal has raised tensions in the country which has led to widespread shortages of goods and months of protesting against the plan which would make it a totalitarian rule. With just two weeks left before the socialist leader will reshape the political system, the dry run election has rejuvenated the opposition after months of street protests.

Although this year’s 7.2 million was less compared to previous 7.7 million for opposition in 2015 legislative elections and 7.5 million votes that had brought Maduro in power in 2013, but it was still proportionally more considering the fact that there were very limited number polling places across the country. Despite heavy support for opposition, the it doesn’t seem like it will augur for a change of government in short term or a political change. The long lines of voters at theatres, sport centres and traffic circles which were among the only 2000 polling booths for 30 million citizens of the oil-rich OPEC nation.

This reflected the country’s citizens’ frustration over food shortage and rampant inflation, sluggish and deteriorating economy. Venezuelans gathered up to sought these serious national issues by dry run voting against Maduro and make their voices be heard. Each voter knew that their voters will only be symbolic and they will not make any constitutional changes directly, they wanted to show that the government cannot keep ignoring the citizens’ will. They wanted to prove that they don’t want this government, they want peace and that the government will have to listen to Venezuela’s hymn for peace.