Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be attending first bilateral one-to-one meeting since Doklam standoff (that’s the D-word), after the ongoing BRICS Summit at Xiamen – with an aim to talk beyond disputes and bury the D-word.

India and China have gained international attention, thanks to the territorial tension between the two giant nation(s) (that rhymes!). Thankfully, both nations found a diplomatic peaceful solution and have agreed to withdraw their respective troops from the disputed piece of land at India-China-Bhutan tri-junction area. Just a week after peaceful resolution, PM Modi made is visit at 2017 BRICS Summit held in China at Xiamen, taking Indo-Chinese relations to a whole different-in-a-good-way side. After the BRICS meeting, Modi is scheduled to meet Xi Jinping – which will be the first official bilateral meetup between two leaders after the three-month-long dispute between their nations.

Indian PM’s visit to China for BRICS was India’s move towards offering a friendly hand towards the neighbour; whereas on the other hand, Xi’s public overtures saying China wanting “peace and not confrontation” and Beijing’s agreeing to include Pakistani-based terrorist groups in Xiamen declaration – are significant signals for India. The direct one-to-one meeting between Modi and Xi is expected to be ‘fruitful’ and that they would bring back the spirit of Astana consensus.

Friendly alliance between India and China could bring major changes and revolutionise the position of both countries, as well as Asia in global economic market; because both are two of the world’s largest countries in terms of population, economy and up to some extent – area too. History says that India and China haven’t been enemies, rather they have been allies because they share similar cultural history and trade; so why not in the modern era? If both countries respect each other’s values, concerns and sovereignty, the Indo-Chinese ties could dive into a glorious future, together. With high hopes from the bilateral meeting at Xiamen, a question still lingers somewhere in the back of our minds – has the Doklam standoff really been solved?