Winter is creeping in and the cool, crisp breeze swings in a revamp to our wardrobes – giving us so many options to style up. Just because it is freezing out, doesn’t mean we have to cover up ourselves by giving up style – it just means that we have to think a bit more creatively when dressing up. And to make it easy, here are some winter fashion tips to keep you cosy and elegant – because great style, even during coldest winter days is very possible.

  1. Layer up like a pro

Layering up is always in winter fashion galas – why? – because it is the most practical way to dress when it gets serious cold. Don’t be afraid to pile up on layers – a turtleneck sweater, under a jacket, under a coat and a scarf will surely keep you warm and style-warm. You can even pair a dress or a skirt with pair of skinny fit pants or leggings or stockings – and high boots. That’s hot in both ways. So the key here is layering up for good.

  1. Boots, boots, boots

There is nothing wintery stylish than a great pair of boots. From over-the-knee boots to those ankle boots – it just shouts chilly fashion. Pair the high boots with a short dress, stockings and an overcoat; or pair them with a simple plain sweater, a pair of classic denims, a woollen scarf and those thigh-high boots. It always works.

  1. Reuse overcoats with belts

Wearing the same overcoats each day might turn boring, so spice them up with simple belting. A clinching belt at your waist will give new life to the regular coats and will make it look like a brand new one. The great thing about this tip is that it works on any kind of coats – voila!

  1. Play with scarves

There’s something regal as well as playful about scarves, the have the capability to jazz up even the most basic white tee – blue jeans combo. With tons of textures, fabrics, colours and patterns available, the world of scarves is really huge to dive into and it is one of the most versatile accessories. Wrap it around your neck, tie it on your head for the retro look, belt it up on top of a jacket or even knot around your shoulder. It is all win-win.