New Delhi: CISF has shown keen interest to appoint 3,500 more personnel at about 90 Delhi Metro stations of Phase-III network in which 1000 women will be team-up to fight against terror and protect women.

The women have gone through toughest training that made them more powerful and smarter to fight against anti-social activities. They are capable enough to handle extreme threats such as terrorism and extend the security for female passengers.

CISF is the nation’s finest group who provide security to major airports and metro stations in India stated that women guards were initially hired for frisking duties alone.

“But over the years, we felt why should women personnel restrict themselves to frisking?” said a CISF official, wishing to not be identified. “We are now pushing more women into commando training so they have that extra skill to react in any untoward incident.”

While holding the 11-month strong process of training, CISF official said, “We also put them in a jungle with very little food so that they can learn how to survive in such a situation.”

There are about 160 metro stations currently operates actively and are guarded by almost 5000 CISF security force, of which 800 are women. The force has further proposed to have 3500 more personnel for Phase-III network of Delhi Metro in which they will include 1000 women personnel.

“About one-third of our total strength will be women. Women safety is our priority and well-trained women commandoes will ensure that the metro system is secured,” CISF director general OP Singh said.

CISF will provide 251 personnel on the Heritage Line’s five stations which is expected to be open for public by end of this month.