Wonder Woman is making wonders by becoming Warner Bros’ best-reviewed superhero movie since The Dark Knight with 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes. But why is everyone drooling over Wonder Woman? Let’s find out. And if you are skeptic about whether to watch it or not because it is Wonder “Woman”, this review is just for you, my friend.

Wonder Woman succeeds in achieving a number of things that DC’s recent films have not: Crafting a character that is easy to care about, telling an origin story that establishes believable and relatable motivations, and putting that character through situations that make us genuinely sympathise with her, in addition to being completely in awe of her at best. And making a superhero film isn’t as easy as Marvel usually makes it look. Just ask Warner Bros who have been struggling for a great superhero film since 2012 with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, the last chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

The movie is smart, charming, glamorous and playful – adjectives not generally used for a superhero movie. The wonder lady has been fighting to end the war ever since 1941 (that’s when the character came into life in comic books) and the film has nothing to criticize about. I mean who can be opposed to opposing war? And yet she has been the ‘Cinderella’ of the Justice Society – overlooked, neglected and yet plainly the best of them. Seriously, because there have been like nine movies about the ‘Man of Steel – Superman’, twelve about the ‘Caped Crusader – Batman’ and not to forget the dozens of male comic book dire better-left-forgotten characters like Ant Man, Doctor Strange and even the earthy Swamp Thing. And don’t get me wrong, I am not against male characters, in fact I am a fan of the ‘caped’ guy myself. But the wonder lady, the Princess of the Amazons made her debut in 2017 despite being the most popular female comic book character ever, just because it is a female character? This is not feminism talking, this is fact talking.

And it is a relief that Wonder Woman movie has finally been made. Starring a relatively unknown but terrifically casted Israeli actress, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the Patty Jenkins written movie has already outnumbered the start-offs of Superman and Batman. And as a woman, watching a woman fighting back for humanity in a golden tiara and thigh-high boots clobbering hordes of terrible men is somehow very comforting, why not! To be very honest, Gal Godot looks fleet and lithe and fierce and tender, all at once; not very common adjectives for a superhero, again.

If you are one of the ignorant ‘people’ who say ‘eh, a girly movie’, well, if fighting against war and having Ares – the god of war as enemy, or better off having the bloody, brutal, senseless and dreadful war itself as enemy seems ‘girly’ to you then I am sure Wonder Woman doesn’t mind being called ‘girly’, neither do I. The movie has the potential to raise eyebrows at other superhero movies ever made, and if you still choose to sit back at home just because she is ‘she’, well, whatever lets you sleep at night peacefully. But is definitely the superhero movie we have been waiting for, for sure.